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Breakfast & Candy – #Colorado2015 Part 3

As I watch the looks being cast my way at my wild-hair bunch, I take mental note that indeed I am living out a Lifetime movie script. Drawn back to reality by the smell of syrup and sausage I join the kiddos at the table as we inhale our complimentary breakfast. They are eager to be on the road again. Eager for adventure. Well. Eager for a movie and a swimming pool. That’s the carrot dangling in front of them. Hours in a pool as soon as we get to our destination hotel.

Our trip out of Ogallala is a bumpy one. Something did not agree with Steady’s stomach. Being the seriously-this-is-what-you-are-upset-about mom that I am I first brushed off her soft whine as cramps and a need to exercise mind over matter. However it soon became apparent that I was wrong and this was much more of a I-think-I-shouldn’t-have-eaten-those-eggs situation. #momfail

We arrived in Denver with time to spare before our check in at the hotel so we found our way to Hammond’s Candies for a tour of their factory. Spoiler alert: the free tour ends with you in their candy shop! I don’t have a problem with that because…

Hammond's Candies

Hammond’s was a great stop. Samples of candy, fun paper hats and a short video all long enough but not to long for my rambunctious kiddos.

After making our candy purchases, we again loaded up in the van and made the final half hour journey to our hotel room. Once there, I unleashed their inner crazy and we enjoyed a solid 3 hours of swim time. I am pretty sure that happiness for my kids is found in pools.


When the Plan Ends… Or you Reach Western Nebraska – #Colorado2015 part 2

It is 1:30 in the morning and the kids are snoozing in the van. The gas is tank is in need of refilling and I’m in the western part of Nebraska that signifies stop now or make it to Denver. I’m tired, not super tired, but tired enough to know that there is no rush to make it to Denver.

I call around to hotels on my list of acceptable places to stay. As is the case most often, my calls all net full hotels. After gassing up the van, I pull into a Holiday Inn in Ogallala, NE. One last try. The hotel is full a kid working behind the desk tells me but they have cabins out back near the river. Adventure beckons me and tiredness is setting in so I push aside the concern in my head and I agree. I pay for my room, collect my two keys and I drive the van around to park near our cabin.

At this point Steady and I get a bad case of the giggles. Our road trip adventure feels a bit like a runaway mom with her six kids Lifetime movie. We all pile out and take minimal items into our room. Our situation is: 1 adults, 6 kids, one room, one bathroom, two queen beds.  Giggles from all of us as we climb a sizable hill to the cabin. Voices laughing, declaring dad is going to freak when we tell him! We decide the best option is to sleep sideways on the bed. Boys in one. Girls in another. I remember my phone read 2:30 as the kids drifted off to sleep.

4:30 in the morning I wake because my legs hurt from hanging over the bed, and Grace has managed to move herself sideways. I hear the hard patter of a million raindrops on the roof. I’m thankful we stopped. The thunder stirs Passion and after a quick bed shuffle I find myself drifting back to sleep between Grace and Passion.

I observe the room and smile. I am learning to be adaptable and fun. As my mind begins to wonder back to the rain, I find relaxation in the steady sound as it beckons me to sleep.


Sometimes You Just Do – #Colorado2015 Part 1

My husband and I kept going back and forth, forth and back on every phone call. He was working on an audit in Minnesota and I was at home chomping at the bit to hit the road and travel west. He might be home a day early.  Scratch that he might not. But he might. Meanwhile, school was notified and our bags were packed. 

Carefully I waded through my emotions. I want my husband to share my adventures in life but I also want to be nimble. Quick on my feet. Of course, I married my opposite. He will need time to recharge. To gather his thoughts. I’m not so good at handling that but he deserves that. He works hard for us. To provide. My gift to him is knowing that my disappointment will erupt and ooze out. No, not ooze, it will spew. I must hedge against all of this. Craft the perfect plan. Find a balance for my family, for my husband, for me.

With calm and clarity I sat down at the computer and pulled up google flights. The answer was right there. A cost-effective one-way ticket to Denver for Matt. Only one left. Without giving it much of a second thought I purchased it. It was 6:30 on Thursday night. The kids and I would leave at 7 p.m. sharp after we picked up Grace from gymnastics. Quickly we scrambled through the familiar routine of mom and 6 kids. Potty, water bottles, blankets, music, movies, snacks and call dad.

Matt takes the news in stride. I walk him through my justification process and we laugh along the way. It is one of the very few times I could apply discernment to myself. And we are both in a good spot. We have no hostility, no anger. We are laughing and happy. Trustworthy and carefree. It feels weird. It feels like we broke some family marriage rule about being conjoined twins but really, it felt good. We were in control. We were doing what worked for us and it was working! No shame.

With Steady (13) as my co-pilot, Grace (8), Passion (7), Promise (5), Strong (9) and Twin (4) in the back we hit the open road!


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