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Belated Father’s Day Blog Shout to My Matt

This song came on the radio today while I was working…

For all the things we’ve been through I believe and I know that God gave me you for the ups and downs, the days of doubt.  He gave me you.

For the silly car ride home from KC yesterday where you were dancing and the kids were shouting their Bible school songs.  For the laughter that erupted in my heart.  God gave me you.

For the loss we’ve endured together.  For the memories of your dad, getting things out of the garage at the house on Amos, long before he ever knew he would get to call me daughter-in-law. God gave me you.

For the son we held.  For the faith and strength to believe that God would bring good to us again.  He gave me you.

So I don’t run myself into the ground.  He gave me you.

Because God has a sense of humor, He gave me a crazy athletic, work-out-till-I-drop, you.  He gave me you so I don’t have to work out 🙂

I never knew the day I paced on the driveway and professed my love for you.  I never knew the things that we’d face together.  The best and the worst we’d see in each other.  But I know today, just like I knew that day, God gave me you.  That some days it is easy and some days it is really hard but every day…  God gave me you.  I’ve never been more proud than I am to be the one that God blessed so great.



Casting Crowns – Praise You in This Storm

I always had a problem with this song until my wife posted something profound…  He takes away (the pain).  Wow.



Still learning how to navigate this 🙂

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