Swimming Happiness – #Colorado2015 Part 4

We found happiness! We dumped our stuff in our rooms at the Springhill Suites in Westminster and found the pool.



This photo cracks me up. Ever since Steady broke her leg a new dimension of play has been manifesting. Can you spot it? This is the best swim therapy spa for the children who have broken random limbs! And the shark mask.

I love that these people have taught me how to have fun and go with the flow. How to sit back and let our hard experiences, our hurts, tumble around and come out as silly and carefree.

*   *   *

After a solid three hours of swimming and imaginations wearing down, I convinced the crew we should go get some ice cream and explore the area. We discovered that the Butterfly Pavilion was not more than a handful of minutes away and we decided to check it out. Lately the girls are obsessed with butterflies. So much so that we are growing milkweed in our backyard. I have to roll my eyes and laugh at every time I say that out loud. One of my first jobs was riding beans in Iowa and milkweed always required a special bottle of roundup. They were like the worst thing you could ever find in a field.  Now I am trying to grow them in my city back yard. Oh, the circles of life!

The pavilion was like every other one but it was a welcome distraction as we passed time waiting to pick up Dad from the airport. Oh, and Rosie the tarantula was pretty cool!



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