Blue Skies In, Gray Skies Out

Slow and steady, deep breathes in and out.

Transition is happening. Today it washes over me like an ocean of sadness. When we met this little guy, God had turned our hearts upside down. Coming off a hard placement, a not so good fit, we were callous. We were hard of heart. Then this sweet gift crashed into our lives. A hand holding, tickle monster, loving kid. Together we spent the summer with him as part of us. Part of our crazy exploring crew.

And here we are. So eager to believe he was ours, to love him like our own and staring down this thing. The right thing. A relative placement. A sweet family that has broken down walls to prove they can and will do this for him.

Convictions run so deep. So sure. And it doesn’t take away the sting of my hot tears. It doesn’t matter the times I tell myself this is right, my heart grieves today.

I miss him.

The son that was only mine for a blink.

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2 Responses
  1. Cayleen says:

    Thinking of you and sending you prayers. I know you had an impact on his life.

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