Happy Birthday Steady!

I call her Steady in this internet world. Steady because she is. She has stood strong in the face of adversity. She is nearly unshakable. Trust me! Sometimes I really try to rattle her to be sure her foundation is strong 🙂

She brings joy to everyone around her. People often tell us how fun she is and how sweet she is and we couldn’t agree more. She has made our view of teenage years favorable, enjoyable! She has a fun enjoyable personality emerging. Sometimes snarky which is sometimes spot on and other times mom wants to roll her eyes!

I think this age and stage can best be defined by this graphic we share a laugh over:


Steady is a survivor. A pioneer. She puts forth her best effort all the time. She balances the freedom of being a kid with the desires of her little girl heart to be connected to her family. I am proud to be her mom. I am sure her mom is proud of her too!

I don’t tell her enough. I want to do better.

Steady if you are reading this…  you are more than enough. You are beautiful in deepest corners of your heart. Mom gave you that gift. You are doing so well, working so hard. We are so proud. We love you to the moon and back! Forever!

~ This Mom

PS – Nope. Still not really ready to have you driving me around but we will awkwardly figure it out together. Cold hands, happy, messy tears together. 😉

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