Self-Confidence Booster & Thankfulness

At the onset of November I thought it would be fun to get 30 note cards and rather than list things we are thankful for we would write notes to 30 individuals that we are thankful to have in our lives. It was a bust. Seriously. Great idea. Bad timing.

Steady could not wrap her mind around why she would be thankful for people in her life. Strong was eager to write kind notes to his friends and our neighbors and cranked out seven notes in one sitting. His notes were full of kind words about how his friends served him specifically.

This was my quiet ah-ha moment.

It is hard to be thankful for good when you cannot find the good in you. When good is defined as getting your way and not by positive character traits.

So we are switching gears. This November we are thankful for so much but we are documenting it in a different way. We are document what we are thankful for as it relates to us as individuals. We are using this awesome self-esteem building tool: Confidence Journal

*  *  *

What activities does your family do to promote thankfulness? What about self-esteem?


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