All the Feels & My Soap Box

Can we be real a minute?

We took on two more placements. At the time I’m draft this post,  my house has 8 children (again).

This is INSANE.

It makes perfect sense. This is my story – as, in mine, my families, not yours.

Yet I’m mad. I’m ticked at the world tonight.

It is INSANE that I have 8 children in my house and yet I know foster families, licensed foster families with no placements.

It is NOT RIGHT that there are children in shelters because fear has frozen families to the ground.

It won’t be easy.

It might hurt some.

It might be your soap box rant. I might be your worst nightmare.

But can we be real. There are hurting families all around us. It takes very little to find a way to help out.

Get going.


*mic drop* & a dramatic facepalm


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