Details:  I am married to an amazing man.  He waited for me, he believes in me, he is a gift that I am still learning to fully appreciate and value.  He is like an infomercial to my life.  Time and time again I think to myself – he can’t be all of that – and time and time again he is.  God knew and knows so many details that He gave to me in Matt.

Kids:  Together we have 6 kids that we call ours.  4 biological, of those 4, one resides in heaven.  We have 2 children that are ours by way of foster care and adoption.  While it is raises the hair on my neck to divide my family by calling them out as foster adoptive children, I value the honor and privilege I have to be their mom during this season.  And all 5 children in my house require different things at any different time.  And all five will have and do have unique perspectives about the challenges of our blended family. We continue to do foster care and invest in the lives of children.

The Nitty Gritty:  This blog was born from a place I could have never ever and never ever wanted to see coming.  A place where I learned first hand that in my lifetime my heart would break on so many occasions. This journey of life with its greatest joys is also full of its greatest sorrows. As I said above, I have survived my first born son who passed unexpectedly when he was just shy of 10 months old. In one day my obituary was changed to read precede in death by her son. He was a gift. He was my first stripe on this uniform called “mom.” I have survived my father-in-law and witnessed my husband struggle to reconcile these great losses. He grieves for me and I grieve for him and it’s messy and ugly and beautiful and restoring. 

The Healing:  My faith in Jesus is the only sure thing I know.  As I reflect and cast vision for the future, I find a longing in my heart to share the comfort and restoration of knowing Jesus as Savoir. I desire to share that peace and love with others. 

It Is Not:  This is not another preachy blog.  This is my place where you join me and follow along on my journey. You learn with me, fail with me, and dust off and try again.  

I am a person of deep convictions and thoughts.  I wear my heart on my sleeve, which more often than not gets me in trouble. I am learning to be bold. Stand proud. I want to leave a legacy of more than things. I want to inspire my kids. I hope you stick around and share in my journey.

~ JT

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