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ChiTown for the Peeps

The summer of 2015 flew and we embarked on one more adventure before the kids went back to school. Seriously. Because Junior High (7th) for Steady, Strong 5th, Grace 3rd, Passion 2nd, Promise in Kindergarten and Foster in preschool.

You read it. I’m both loving this age and stage and in complete denial.

*  *  *

On Friday, July 31, we loaded the van and drove the 5 hours drive to the Hampton Inn and Suites in Downtown Chicago. Complimentary breakfast and an indoor pool were top of my list on places to stay. Vacations are not vacations without an indoor pool!

We arrived a little after dinner time and decided to venture out to the Navy Pier for dinner. We walked the mile to the pier and encountered a considerable wait for the pizza shop we wanted to try. The pizza was delicious, but Promise had fallen asleep in my arms and foster was ready to do the same. Thankfully we were able to hop a trolley and be dropped just a block away from our temporary home. Promise slept through it all.

Saturday morning we woke up and took the Red line south to the Shedd Aquarium. This was my one big we-have-to-do because I pre-bought tickets. Turns out the reviews are dead on. The line to get in was insane! It was a great aquarium and we really enjoyed the shows. We ate lunch outside as I had packed a picnic and as we sat outside and ate we sized the opportunity for the classic Chicago skyline photos! Also true to form, the Windy City did not disappoint and we had some good wind gusts coming off the water!

20150801_120013 20150801_115745 20150801_120054

The kids favorite part was spending time touching the sting rays as they swam by and ending the visit with some ice cream in the shade!

*  *  *

We have a membership to our local Science Center which participates in the ASTC Passport program. Since the Field Museum was also an ASTC program participant, admission was free. The kids were tiring out and less impressed but we pressed on and were able to make one last hurrah and check out a few of the exhibits.

It was time to catch the Red Line and head to the hotel. Something about swimming gives my kids their third and fourth winds. They swam their hearts out. Together with some other guests at the hotel who happened to be enjoying the pool, we sang happy birthday and ate cake in honor of Foster’s 5th birthday. It was so much fun and they blessed us by doing whatever he wanted to do!

*  *  *

Sunday morning we checked out and drove north to the Volo Auto Museum. From there we drove to Legoland Discovery Center to round out the celebration of Foster. This was his one request for his birthday so we were sure to make it happen!

Armed with a small set of new legos we started the DVD player and made our journey home. It was a quick weekend but filled with a good ebb and flow of busy and chilling.

When I am not around… ask the kids.

Their favorite memory was the train ride.

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