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Cartwheels and Beams


For two years Grace had been training as a Pre-Team member with our local gymnastics organization. She was devastated when she wasn’t extended an invite after one year of Pre-Team. In the second year, she found her groove. She carved a mental space to let it go and do what she could do. But still, it was a reserved space and during 2015 mom and dad worried. What if this dream… this maybe dream… evaporates? What if it is too much?

Then the call came.

Christmas break 2015 we got the call that would alter our dreams in a sure way. Grace was invited to Team! It was a dam breaking on so many levels. She tore down the last of the mental wall and showed up in way that surprised us all. It was as if the invitation was the permission she needed. The permission to be great. To go all out. January was the last month of Pre-Team and during that time the one coach who wasn’t sure Grace could handle the pressure and discipline of Team became her strongest supporter.

“THIS. This person needs to show up at Team!”

Grace beamed. She stood at the full 3 foot 11 inches that she is as a 9 year old girl. She gave her a hug and she’s never looked back.

*  *  *

We are 4 practices into our Team journey and finding our groove. Grace trains 12 hours a week for 4 hour increments with a 10 minute snack break. Mom (me) is 110% overwhelmed with the parent commitments and the juggle of tending to a little person with no body fat, sore achy muscles, epson salt baths and the school-missing-gymnast. I am scouring the internet for tasty protein snacks and revamping our food plans to account for this lean machine in my care. Balancing the different but just as important interests of my other not-so-intense-about-anything kiddos.

Last week for the first time ever, I taught math. Grace misses math and some writing each week. School was gracious enough to provide me with a copy of the teacher’s book. Her teacher communicates with me and I teach what Grace misses so that she doesn’t fall behind. It is intense. It is fun. The other kiddos are jealous that she gets mom as a teacher. That seems like a future post all its own – stay tuned – it won’t last 🙂

*   *   *

Cart wheels and beams. I’m taking a lesson from my gymnast and finding my way. Letting go of the peripheral and hanging on to my focus. Embracing what I’ve trained my mind and body to do… going for it.

We are all in for this journey.

Wherever it goes.

And maybe… just maybe… 2024..


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